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Color Guard

NSSAR National Color Guard
Sons of Liberty, Florida Brigade
Saramana Chapter Nathaniel Green Camp #8

Sons of Liberty, Florida Brigade May Annual Meeting

2011 NSSAR Congress Color Guard Committee Meeting

The NSSAR Color Guard Committee unanimously voted to approve the proposal to add the Field of Honor and Healing to the roster of qualifying National/District events.

SAR Color Guardsman Magazine

The NSSAR Color Guard is reinstated as an E-Magazine. The publication schedule is set for quarterly issues that will be distributed via email to State Commanders and link will be available on the NSSAR, FLSSAR and Chapter web pages.  Each issue will be published in a PDF format (Adobe Acrobat).

Click to see The SAR Colorguardsman Magazines

 Color Guard Medals

The NSSAR Color Guard Medal was authorized in 1998 and may be awarded for service to the Society at the National, District, State and Chapter Levels.  Recipients may only receive the award once at each level (once at Chapter/State levels, and once at District/National Levels).  Oak leaf clusters are not allowed.

The Chapter, State Society, District, or National, Color Guard Commander will be the final person who shall have the awarding authority of the medal at the appropriate level.  The Chapter, State Society President, the Vice President General, and the President General will award the appropriate medal at the appropriate level.

The Bronze Color Guard Medal
is for service at the State and Chapter Levels For Chapter and State Society level (Bronze medal), to have a satisfactory year, the participant must attend 50% of the scheduled activities of the Chapter or State Color Guard concerned.

This medal is for three years service at the appropriate level. It may be broken, not continuous service, and award of this medal may be retroactive, so that any living compatriot may receive it, even if he cannot march anymore.

It is the responsibility of each Color Guard Member to maintain a record of their Service in order to request that they receive the Bronze Color Guard Medal.

The form for Saramana is available for you to save on your own Computer at:
Saramama Color Guard Nomination Form

The form for the Florida Society is available for you to save at:
Florida Society Color Guard Nomination Form

The Silver Color Guard Medal is for service at the District and National Levels.

The Von Steuben Medal
The National Von Steuben Medal for Sustained Achievement in the NSSAR Color Guard may be awarded for sustained service to the Society as a Color Guardsman at the National or District Levels.  Its precedence is higher than the Silver Color Guard Medal, but lower than the Gold Color Guard Medal.

The Gold Color Guard Medal may only be worn by the National Color Guard Commander and his Deputy.  It may also be worn by the NSSAR Color Guardsman of the Year.

Uniforms. Muster Procedures, orders and more.

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